Greetings, today we speak of fear, fear and a sense of being alone, cut off, a sense of not having an identity that brings with it, knowledge of self.
As you have noted, fear colours the mind, colours the direction.

Fear holds so many in now, freezing them in the moment so that they feel unable to change direction, step into what will be.

A sense of individual identity is important when within the flesh body for it is the realisation of this that enables the chosen path to be met, but so many when looking into a mirror are unable to acknowledge or see the worth within their being, it is as if they look at self through the eyes of another.

Why? It is because their measure of worth is founded on that which has come into the mind from without.

Worth measured by words, worth measured by results, worth measured by wealth, status, so many symbols, so many symbols that have become mankind’s measure, and promoted within family, within school, within work.

Some say that, ‘we need measures,’ we, the collective we, the community we, ‘we need measures so as to know whether we are achieving,’ first second third, a b c, one hundred percent, ninety percent, tall short, fat thin, beautiful plain, male female, old young, the list could go on, and on, and on.

From a very young age some know the need to be self governing, but for many it is easy to feel free whilst still in the care of another, free to express, explore, so believe they have the ability to move freely and in freedom, and in most instances this is a truth, but their freedom is still within boundaries, boundaries imposed, yes imposed, by family.

Family requirements, family expectations, position within family, and within the wider community, school, social clubs, the sporting arena, and so on, many begin to judge self through these experiences, begin to measure their worth by the smoothness of their skin, gender, size, their popularity within their peer group, their ability to compete, again the list goes on, and so apparent freedom also has its restrictions.

Identity of self-worth becomes coloured by these restrictions in accordance to ability, if one is of an academic mind then the measures/restrictions seem of little importance as the mind is able to grasp the concepts being spoken of and achieve so as to receive the award, or reward, and so through fulfilling the expectations of those such as teacher or parent a sense of worth, of a place within that environ, is felt.

Within the sporting arena those who are athletic, able to grasp concepts, who have a quick eye, good co-ordination, will shine forth enough that they make the team, find a placing within the event and again know acknowledgement of this through awards/ rewards, know recognition within their school, club and peer group thus identifying self within that way.

There are many who fall between those two events, who are neither academic or sporting, for some there is an acceptance of this and they seek to express their self in other ways, music, drama, singing, speaking, caring, nurturing, even at a young age there are many nurturers, those who take under their wing their wounded peers and give them a supporting hand.

During the formative years self-identity can be realised in these differing aspects but maturity brings the need for self-responsibility within the wider community.

Self-care requiring a greater expression of self within a wider field, where they once shone in a small pond, now, in a greater sea of people, the achievements known in youth often hold little worth to another, this can bring a sense of diminishing belief in self for the young person, and the need to re-evaluate who they are, and how they will be.

Some who have not had the greater recognition are often more open to the opportunities offered for their horizons have not been narrowed by either the seeking of, or receiving of, approval in one aspect, some stay locked in their belief that their worth is of little account to any so blind their self to the possibility that they have the ability to stand tall in their own light.

Stepping outside their comfort zone many find their self wanting and doubt what they have to offer another. When within society the ability to express self becomes more limited, not limited, but more limiting, for where in youth they often spoke or acted from within, were of the moment, the need to establish support systems, the desire to establish relationships, create families, homes, now required an outer expression of self.

Why? Why indeed. The measures they had been developing through, expressing and receiving through were no longer the rule; interaction within the community brings into place other measures.

It is no longer the one who can run fast, jump high, solve a mathematical problem, for within the greater population there are many who can do this, instead the measures become position, status, wealth, some will go on with their sports and achieve greater recognition, some will find purpose for their academic prowess but for many their time in the sun so to speak has passed and so their belief in their worth becomes diminished.

So we come to the fear, the fear of failure, the fear of being alone.

A lack of sense of achievement can instill in some a sense of not belonging, hence a sense of being a-lone, not measuring up, not good enough, not worthy.

Some will shut their self away and stay alone with their fears, alone with their thoughts, some will still be very active within the community but they don a mask, a mask that says, ‘I am okay; look at me,’ and offer a big smile, but behind that mask is the same fear, the same doubt.

How can this belief be turned around, it begins with self, if it is not turned around in your thought about self then you shut the door to the opportunity to be all you are.

Belief in self as being worthy is a starting point, a starting point, a stepping stone, worthy to walk alongside any other being within the earth, worthy to know love, worthy to be love, worth all there is.

It is not how high one can jump, it is not how fast one can run, it is not how much money you may know within your back account, and it is not a status symbol.

Re-evaluate what achievement means, look at it, you may have won a diploma for being the best at, either a sport academic etc., best at, and at the time it was the all, but that moment passed, and though is a memory that is rewarding, brings a smile to the face maybe, it does not enable the self of today to move forward.

Self worth is being worthy within your own belief in who you are, you are of and from the Creator, equal to and with, therefore your worth is without measure, none will find their self wanting when they accept this as their truth.

You entered your physical body with challenges to be met; your birth is but a stepping stone, your skin colour, gender, social status, etc. are your chosen tools to enable you to stand tall in your own light, in your own right, all chosen by you to enable you to meet and fulfil your chosen path.

You are not a victim of these they are your choice, yours, use them, use them by standing tall, holding your head high knowing that, regardless of your gender you have the ability to meet all, just as everyone else who has worn that same gender flesh.

Know that regardless of your skin colour you can meet and be all you desire, and regardless of your present social status you can have as you choose to know.

All is ever in your thought about it.

If  you see not the whole person when you look in the mirror, note only the perceived imperfections, for many it is the skin colour they have chosen to know, and in your mind you hear the negative comments, words of another, judgements or assumptions made by another in reference to it, you will create within a negative sense of worth that will prevent you stepping up, moving forward.

Make a conscious choice to really look at self, admire the physical body and say, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you for providing me this stepping-stone, I understand that if I cease to believe myself as less I will not read into every word, every mannerism of another, I will not sense myself being judged by all, it will be of little importance unless I make it so, if I believe in myself and stand tall those around me will, through my thought about self, accept the face I choose to show.’

To evaluate your self through gender, and believe your self less, is to raise another higher than self. When you undervalue your worth you create doubt in your ability to meet all.

The gender you have chosen is not a barrier to fulfilment, it is your chosen stepping stone, within your present environment it may seem to be of little worth to another, may seem to be a social handicap. If female and you believe the male to be superior, or to be held as superior, then you are diminishing, through your thought about it, all that the female is able to achieve through the abilities that are feminine.

Although many believe this is a male dominated society there are just as many who wear the male overcoat who struggle with self belief, who undervalue self; who undervalue the masculine attributes through comparison.

Thank the aspects that come with the gender, thank it, for you have chosen to know it, devalue it not through your thought about it instead, bless it, and be grateful for the opportunity it presents.

Wealth or not wealth is relevant only if you value, place value, on outer trimmings, to know wealth is to know self as having all that is necessary at that moment, in the moment.

Yes some have much financial ability, financial gain through their achievements, several homes, lots of cars, boats, everything that opens and shuts, and for a time, will feel, ‘wow look what I have,’ but that palls, and it palls very quickly, very, very, quickly.

That first purchase, that first car, first home, those are the wow factors. Though each new purchase may be a step up and a greater achievement it will never be the same, wow, you can only live in one home at a time, drive one car at a time, money does not equal worth, nor does it equal happiness, sadly too many founder whilst attempting to achieve the pinnacle of financial success, focus becomes on outer not inner self.

Self worth is an inner sense of knowing that all there is, right at that moment, is just perfect, for all that you know, right at that moment, is as you have chosen to know

You are never a-lone, that is a truth, except in your thought about it, though when within the physical body you may look around and see no other near by you are in truth eternally connected with each other, each soul is an individualisation of the all, expressing individuality so as to grow into understanding of its ability to be as the all.

All within the earth, all that you see around you, are as you, of and from One.

To be alone and be peace-full is a gift, a gift to self, this can be achieved through meditation, this can be achieved through knowing that, although you may not have someone near you to talk to, someone to touch, you are still whole, still perfect, and still the beautiful soul that chose to experience within the earth.

Your physical way is an expression of soul purpose, through experiencing you seek to awaken the soul wisdom within, to re-member, and so grow to know, believe, trust, in your power to be all that you are, and you will be all that you choose to know.

Let go of the self-created pattern of measuring your worth against that of another and you will know peace within.

Let go of the desire to justify your self to another.

One who puts you down, in the belief that they are superior, is seeking to bolster their own sense of worth, don’t permit their expression diminish your belief in self, wish them well and let them be.

Belief in your worth will enable you to stand tall regardless of another’s expression, another’s requirement.

Belief in your worth will enable you to be at peace when alone with your thoughts for you will not feel unloved, unworthy; you will not feel isolated through feeling a lack within you.

Belief in self will permit you to enjoy the quiet times, the space, fully knowing that when it is your choice you will leave your space and interact within the wider community. To create change is to quite simply change your thought about it.

When it is your choice to leave this physical expression of self you will know that life is still life, you will know that you are indeed one with all, your worth without measure, you will be peace-full.

Pamela Frances