To know peace is to be at peace, for peace is a state of being.

Until you know yourself as peace you will not experience yourself as peace. Your experience of comes from your knowing, and your knowing comes from your being. Therefore, to know peace is to be peace.

The role of a peacemaker is to be loving, giving, sharing, one who knows peace within offers as this to another, not to appease but because that is who they know their self to be, they do unto another as they would another do unto them.

One who is not at peace within will often believe, when met with the emotions of another, that they have to appease the other, make all right in the others way, it is still do unto another but not with the expectation of knowing same.

You begin to know peace within by being at peace with who and what you are, and believing that it is not only your right to know this but it is your soul desire and purpose to know this.

When met with a way that disrupts yours know that this is not being imposed upon you, you have drawn it to you therefore you are in control of the outcome. Pause, then with a slow inspiration, an in-drawn breath, breathe in peace, pause again, and then as you softly exhale release all tension, let free the muscles that hold you tight, release your shoulders that they carry not a burden but a blessing, for all is in your thought about it.

Relax, release, let go, let God, let the God within, your soul, express itself through the manifestation of the power that is you, love.

This may seem a tall order when met with disharmony; the strength of another’s opinions or way may seem overwhelming, but all is as you perceive it, all.

Breathe in love, breathe out all negative emotion, take back your right to be as you will it. Be.

Choose to be peace, withhold that cutting retort, the need to be heard, the need to express, step back and be, you will then know that you have the power to act for you, the power to choose your direction.

Your way becomes one of reaction when you permit another the power to direct you for you create through past experiences, set in place past responses and so the cycle continues.

To keep your cool when those around you are losing theirs is to know that you do not have to accept, their way, their choices, as your way.

You can offer another your understanding but their way is their creation, as is yours, as such you have the power to show peace through your way but they must desire to know peace if they are to let go and be.

When met with disharmony your awareness that there is another way to be is your desire to grow in understanding.

Accept the others right to think, feel, do, be, as they will it, but free your self from the thought that your role is to please them, appease them.

Be peace in thought word and deed, you will then know peace in your reality, thus you will experience your way and know it to be.

When you are at peace with who you are you will be peace, and so know peace, thus you will experience your self as peace, it will be your truth.

Pamela Frances