A desire to atone is a desire to be at-one brought about by an inner awareness that as you are is not as you desire to know yourself.

At first there is awareness within of restlessness, dissatisfaction, frustration, regret, if only, what if and so forth.

Gradually a desire to find harmony, interpreted by some as a desire to make things right, creates a will to seek another way than the one presently known.

I speak now of spiritual law, I do not demand ask require or need you to atone for your sins, sin is but a word the interpretation of which is dependant on that perceived as the right way to be.

I know that the innate desire of the soul is to be at-one and will seek to know this when it is its will and desire that it be so, that is free will in action.

Mankind has created laws governing behaviour patterns which if not followed requires the offender to be punished, these laws have been created for the people by the people.

I do not ask that you bow down before Me but would that you stand tall in you own light, free will is your birthright so why would I punish any for exercising it. I know that all will seek atonement as they mature into their wisdom, I know that all will choose to find balance, harmony of being.

Physical life brings opportunity for you to explore your power to be all that you are, through experiencing you begin to understand your power to create as Me. There is a phrase, if at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again, that is both the right and way of the soul for its purpose is to know itself in all its glory.

Each physical life path offers opportunity to experience and grow and so the cycle of birth and death within the physical body continues as the soul seeks to remember.

If you did not experience cold how would you know hot, how would you know that you had a choice, how would you know that you did not have to accept what is your present experience, that if your body was too hot you could cool it, too cold you could warm it. This applies to all aspects of your way, physical, emotional, spiritual.

Within most organised religions there is the belief that all must be obedient to My will, church laws created as the way to be and those who step apart from these required to do penance so as to atone for their chosen thoughts words or deeds, and yet how can this be, did I not say that you have free will to choose for self? How then can your choice be one that must be paid for in some respect?

The experience was opportunity for you, the soul within the physical body, to realise another aspect of you. You have realised ‘made real ‘ and so that experience has served you well, freeing you to choose again.

Punish not yourself but rejoice for each realisation that your present way does not serve you is growth in awareness of your power to be all that you are.

Atonement is at-one-ment, the realigning of body mind and spirit, not one to be feared but that to be honoured as being the path to enlightenment.

Regret not your life choices, those that no longer serve you are within your ability to change but first you must accept that you have the right to do so. Sin is a word not a reality, there is what works for you and what does not.

You are the creator of your way, if you would know yourself at peace be peace, let go of the fear of judgement, let go of another’s yardstick as being the way to be for that is giving over your right of choice to another, measure your way by your feelings.

Do you feel light, open, free, then enjoy, laugh, be.

Do you feel heavy, bowed down, oppressed, then choose again for you.

Begin by accepting your way as being of your creation and know that it is within your power to create your self anew.

Regret for what was will not serve you, show to others through your way that you now choose another way of being, what was brought opportunity for you to know this, opportunity to choose through and from the experience an aspect that will permit you to be as you seek to know, that is seeking to atone.