I will begin with this statement, freedom to choose how you will know yourself is the birth right of all.

To define a way as right creates the belief that another way must then be wrong. Let us define freedom to be, note I said be, not do.

To be or not to be, that is the question. All choose to be; this then becomes doing, but is not the first cause.

Homosexuality is an expression of thought for thought is the Creator of way. Many feel that as the sexual union of male and female is necessary to create new life it is therefore the normal way to be, therefore to choose to express love with one of the same gender is abnormal.

The belief of some is that sexual expression should be solely for the purpose of procreation. Sexuality will never be limited to this expression for it is an experience that arises through awareness of another, a meeting of will and purpose.

Not all know their self attracted, drawn to another, some choose to journey through their physical path celibate, but all will know the desire to express, experience, their feelings in a sexual manner.

Communities have always been divided over the practice of homosexuality, accepted within some societies while abhorred in others, in present time within many lands there has been an easing of society’s laws permitting free and open expression but some have difficulty accepting this and know a desire to cling to what they term as moral law.

I will quite simply state now that moral judgments of another’s way serve neither the one judging nor the one judged. All should honour their belief whilst allowing the other the same right.

Love is life and life is love expressed.

The soul desires to know itself as love in all aspects so will seek to experience in the way that will bring understanding of that desired known.

Regardless of how the soul seeks to know itself the expression must always be love with, not power over.

Whether homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual all must be expressed freely. Each must know freedom of choice.

When one chooses to overpower another so as to express their desire it is not love and never will be, it serves none.

When offered and received freely expressions of love with another is soul serving

I repeat, one who chooses to express their desired way by overpowering another’s will or way is not expressing love. This is the criteria when seeking understanding of life choice.

Homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, whether in thought word or deed, all has it place.

Honour and accept your right to choose for you.

If friends and family choose to stand apart from you and your chosen way acknowledge the feelings that arise within you and tell them that, you honour their right to hold their belief just as you honour your right to yours.

Speak softly, with love, speak of your regret for the division but stand tall in your own light, let them know that your love for them is unchanged and always will be.

Thrust not your chosen way upon another, one who has a need to be seen and heard is one unsure of their way and this will be the message sent forth.

Measure not your way against the way of another or theirs against yours.

As I previously stated there is not a right way or wrong way to be, keep uppermost in your mind the thought that, as I choose to know myself is not a better way it is merely another way to experience love whilst in the physical body.

Be at peace and know that My love for you is unconditional, love yourself and all other as this.