I can only answer from my own experience. I was spoken of as a dreamer when a child and I still had that tendency when a mother myself.

I would be performing a household task but my mind would be elsewhere. One day I thought about what I was thinking, heard the words and decided to write them down. The depth of them surprised me and so I began to write each time I became aware that I was at it again.

I had no awareness that they were anything but my mind but it felt right to be recording them. It was several years later that I knowingly began to receive through my soul, the realisation that this was what was occurring was not instant for like so many I would not have thought myself worthy of hearing God’s voice.

I was using a method known as self-muscle testing as a way of determining what foods were of benefit to my body and gradually, without conscious thought as to why, I extended this to my daily living.

All answers were yes/no and I had to be sure to still my mind and focus on only one aspect or item to prevent confusion.

After a time I began to ask for understanding of questions that occurred to me through reading or hearing something. I did not question why I began to do this, I just seemed to expand daily into other aspects, nor did it occur to me to doubt the yes/no I received.

That may seem naive to some but all I can say is, it felt right. I felt as if my world had opened up, my horizons limitless, I felt like a child again exploring all with new eyes.

It was when I had gained the ability to still my mind that I began to hear, through me, not from me.

My questions had gone way beyond daily living and I wrote down question and answer, it was as I was writing that I became aware that there was something else in my mind (as I thought then) that I needed to add. I began to write these words and heard more to follow, and still more, it was not until I read them back that I wondered at their content, for they were not as I thought or spoke, but they prompted a level of excitement within me that I can not even now truly express.

The voice was not a voice as with tone and yet there was emphasis, gentleness, love, total communication, from within.

It was as if the floodgates had opened and words poured forth through me, I still had my fingers crossed in the method of muscle testing, they were as my link.

There were times when I was receiving that my mind overpowered and it would seem as if a brake was applied, I would look, ask if I had put down words that were not through me, if the answer was yes I would determine where then remove them, then I would be off again, pen racing across the page.

How did I know the words were from God? He told me so, they were so full of love, answered so many of my doubts and fears that I felt connected, whole, I knew it as my truth.

How did I know it was my soul, not my mind? Trust. It was not a conscious trusting but my inner desire had been to know myself as love, to know peace, and so I brought to myself the way for this to be.

I truly trusted the words coming through me, it did not occur to me not to do so, I felt light, bubbly, open, and knew a desire to share the words with any who cared to read them.

Pamela Frances.