How do I keep my vibrations high when everybody is either mad,  angry, in a bad mood, or just plain negative?

This is a question many wonder upon for the way of humanity at this time is such that all news items, whether heard or read, are sensationalised, dramatised beyond what is to attract the widest audience/reader possible.

At one time reporting of an event was balanced, both aspects of the story told, not so in many instances today, even events being televised as they are occurring are shown from the perspective of those governing the land or community.

The viewer/reader is being presented with the opinions of another in such a way that some accept them as fact. Others remain aware that it is not the full picture and feel they are being controlled, manipulated into a way of thought that does not feel right, this is the basis for much of the cynicism within every land.

The distrust many have of their political leaders reflects it, with each election the people hope that this time all will be as promised but find that, in a very short period, many of their promises were just rhetoric to attract the ear of the voter, nothing has really changed.

An event may be dramatised, blown out of proportion to enable legislation to be passed, legislation that would not have been accepted without a climate of fear first being created. That is but one example that creates unrest, disharmony. Though this may not seem to relate to the question it does.

Fear is the foundation of all negative thought; emotions arise from and through the thought. When there is a continuous flow of negative reporting, emphasis on violence in the community etc., the mood of the people reflects this, negativity, irritability, anger, it is no small task for one to retain their equilibrium amidst this.

Many people are unaware that they have the right of choice as to how to be, recognition of this will enable you to find your way through, regardless of the way of those around you. For you to know yourself as peace when those around you are downcast, negative, angry, instead of feeling like you must battle to remain apart from their way recognise that their emotions, thoughts, arise from their sense of dis-empowerment.

When one first chooses to know their self as peace it is with the will and desire that it be so, at all times, but while within a physical body there are experiences to be met. All experience is self chosen, chosen either at a karmic level, the desire of the soul to know and experience through what is, or physical, a conscious choice made in the present.

With the understanding that through the way of another you have opportunity to understand, accept and be. One aware that no one is victim of another, that all are a willing participant so as to know and experience through what is, will know the freedom to be as they choose within this, and if your will is to be peace, the ability to find harmony within will be enabled.

Therefore let us return to the question, how do I keep my vibrations high when everybody is either mad, angry, in a bad mood, or just plain negative?

All experiences are opportunity to understand and grow, sometimes it may be the experience of behaving in like manner that enables you to stop and assess what is, to feel the disharmony within and then to actively choose to step back, take a breath and reclaim your centre.

Experiencing as this may aid you to become aware of what works for you and what does not. If this should be accept it was so and thank the experience for through it you have gained understanding of your way. Choose to let go of the disharmony within and with the other.

At first it may seem a hard task but with the desire to be peace you will soon become aware that you are permitting yourself to be drawn into the drama of another, and be able to respond in the way that permits you to think again.

I use the word drama for physical life is as a play where each enacts their role within the script being played out; each has the right and ability to exit the stage. You permit the scene to continue or choose to bring the curtain down.

When you first become aware of another behaving or offering a way that is not in keeping with how you desire to know yourself ask what it is you desire to know or be through this.

The other may be responding to your way of speaking, acting. Without a conscious will to act each will respond to another according to previous experiences, therefore, if your speech is abrupt and the others previous experience of one speaking as this brings pain or fear to their mind then their response will often be to re-act not act.

A reaction is a response to what was whereas action is a chosen way within what is.

Peace is acceptance of self, and peace is acceptance of the self another chooses to display to you, to all. Acceptance enables one to experience without judgement of another’s way and is the first step to inner peace. Peace is a state of being not doing.

All have total belief in the validity of their way at that time, and all have the right to choose what works for them and what does not, with acceptance of this you will feel empowered to accept what is and choose again for your own way.

Peace for one may not be peace for another given what it is they wish to say, do, understand, grow through, whatever term you choose to use. Many believe peace is when their way is not disrupted, when others conform to what they believe is ‘the way’, the way the home should be run or this should be done, they then feel at peace because it is all happening as they choose.

Peace is yours to create, yours to know, yours to hold dear. True peace is acceptance, toleration of another’s understandings, toleration of another’s way.

For one who holds fast to the way of family, culture, religious belief, the way of another may feel threatening, fearful for it is not the way they were taught to follow and so to them is not the right way.

Acceptance of the right of all to choose how to be will enable a letting go of all the barriers, letting go of all that creates division, peace will reign supreme. Peace, glorious peace.

Is it possible for peace to be known within the home, society, earth, yes, if each were to consciously acknowledge that their way is not a better way, is quite simply another way, and accept that through their way all are seeking to find peace and understanding of life purpose, which is the soul’s quest.

When you feel disharmony within accept it is so without judgement of self or the other, accept and know that you have both the right and power to choose again, instead of anger or disappointment with self, or the other, be grateful for the opportunity to know this and let the knowledge be a stepping-stone into what will be.

Pamela Frances