I wasn’t chosen, I chose.  Within us we have all knowledge for we are a part of the God force – soul, and so know all when in spirit.

While in a physical body we are limited in our knowledge only by our thought about it.

Several years ago I chose to know myself as I truly am, a child of God. God is my term for my source of all life, many call their Creator by another name but as there is one Source we are all united under the one desire, to know our true self.

Through my desire to be, as I truly am, I opened the door to my inner knowing, through desire and trust in that received I expanded my horizons beyond the limitations of the physical. Further explanation is on the – about Soul Power page.

I have total faith and trust that as long as my intent is to be as God, one with God, I will receive truly, and that all I receive is for the Higher Good.

We have free will to choose our path, with focus and intent our abilities are limitless.

As we open to our deeper awareness of life purpose we know that all are one and so desire that all walk in the Light. With that desire we realise the ability to express our inner wisdom in a way that another is able to hear read or see and so have opportunity to open the door to their inner knowing, to know their potential to be all that they are.

It is said that we are our brother’s keeper, more aptly we are a minder, re-minder, as we grow into our own wisdom we enable another to remember theirs, they in turn provide opportunity for us to recall another aspect into our conscious awareness.

No person is special, or more able; we will all know the ability to hear our soul’s voice when it is our will and desire to do so.

Pamela Frances