No the soul does not feel pain or fear but it does know pain and fear through the physical experience. The soul chooses to experience what is not to bring understanding of what is, and this is the purpose of entering a physical body.

Though it is the souls desire to know itself as love at times choices are made that are not in keeping with this desire, those choices create an imbalance, disharmony, with the result the soul does not vibrate in harmony with the All, its energy is unable to be in union with the source of life itself.

When a choice is made that brings to another anguish the soul will choose to experience in like manner to restore harmony with All, it is necessary for the whole experience to be known, the pain and fear in exact proportion to that meted out to another.

The soul’s physical expression, body, will know and experience the pain and or fear, the soul will know, will feel through awareness of and so have opportunity to understand, absorb, accept and let go.

If the physical would know peace once more it too must accept and let go, to hold an experience to you is to give it power way beyond that which will serve you. Let go and let be, accept what was but choose that it not be your reality.

The soul is you, as the physical expression of you thinks, feels, the soul absorbs and will seek to bring understanding to the physical aspect through feelings. If the physical you chooses to cling to the thought that it is a victim of another the soul will offer many opportunities to lighten, brighten the way.

The soul knows and expresses the knowing in feelings, a body unaware of its soul within may still heed the feelings and be guided, aided, but with awareness will find direction and purpose.

The physical body is the tool of the soul, no soul desires to experience beyond that chosen to be known, its sole and soul intent being to restore harmony of way, the physical way may be changed through the experience but with the knowledge that all is as you have chosen to know all can and will be met with a lightness of being.

Pamela Frances