Who? What? When? Why? How?
Your Questions to Soul Power

  • Why should I believe these words are true? It is not a question of whether these words are truth, indeed you should always read hear or observe, with the intent, to form your own decision as to what is right for you, your path. No person has the right to tell another that something is fact and that they should accept it as […] 1 min read
  • Why should I trust this source which you say is God? If the words given here sit well within you, if you are unable to think of a better way to be, then what is there, not to trust? The Source is you for we are all one. All are of the One, the Whole, the All of it. Your acceptance of the source of these words […] 1 min read
  • What is the purpose of these readings? All messages from the Spiritual realm have the sole purpose of expanding our understanding of who and what we are. They are opportunity for us to access our, I am centre, our soul. We have full knowledge within us in the form of our soul, our physical journey is opportunity to both remember this and […] 2 min read
  • How come you have been chosen to receive these messages? I wasn’t chosen, I chose.  Within us we have all knowledge for we are a part of the God force – soul, and so know all when in spirit. While in a physical body we are limited in our knowledge only by our thought about it. Several years ago I chose to know myself as […] 2 min read
  • How do I know that the voice I hear within is my soul, not just my mind? I can only answer from my own experience. I was spoken of as a dreamer when a child and I still had that tendency when a mother myself. I would be performing a household task but my mind would be elsewhere. One day I thought about what I was thinking, heard the words and decided […] 4 min read
  • What is soul? Soul is energy, often called spirit for it is unseen to our physical eye, some are able to see the auric field of people plant and animal which is the glow created by the life force within. The energy is a vibration the speed of which creates a glow, the higher the vibration the greater […] 3 min read
  • What is karma if it is not punishment for wrongdoing as the various religions have spoken of? Karma is the law of cause and effect; in all things there must be balance, harmony. Karma is the natural balancing of an imbalance brought to our way through a choice, we our self made, to act, be, in a way that was not of and from love. Many speak of reaping the consequences of […] 2 min read
  • What does be mean, in the readings it says, just be, be what? To be is literally that, be, each emotion you desire to know, peace love joy happy, must begin with your choosing to be as this. No thing, from without, will bring these to you in a way that is lasting. All you are comes from within for that is the source of your power, your […] 3 min read
  • Will you tell me of reincarnation and why it is dismissed? Reincarnation is rebirth, opportunity to revisit, re-enact, remember, not our physical being but our spiritual, and so recall to our conscious awareness our true essence, love,. Reincarnation is opportunity to know our self as love or not love, as we choose so will it be, free will is our birthright, total freedom to be as […] 4 min read
  • What prevents me stilling my mind even when I believe I truly want to? We are all blessed with a very active mental capacity, it prompts our desire to know more, to not accept something at face value. Our mind will turn a thought over and over, sifting through it, choosing whether to make it our own, or not. Whilst this is how we expand our conscious way we often […] 3 min read