Greetings, my name for this physical life path is Pamela Frances, my spiritual being I know as Tara for that is my soul name.

Within the spiritual realm we do not define or separate through the usage of names or titles, they are for the purpose of defining self or soul within the physical, not to individualise but to differentiate between our physical being and our spiritual essence.

We are all from the One, our Creator, who too is known by many titles. The term I use is God for that is the belief pattern I have grown with, I know that we are all one, from the one Source, with the same desire to know and be love, to recreate our self as the One.

It is not the word or term that creates our inner desire to know peace and love, it is our innate desire to reunite our way with the One, to acknowledge, both within and without, our magnificence. Use the term that brings to you the desire to be more than you are.

It is time for us to remove the divisions that have brought so much disharmony and sorrow, to let go of superiority of way.

It is time for us to acknowledge that within we all desire to know and be who we truly are, our spiritual essence, love.

Through our soul we have the power to do or be all that we desire.

In 1989 I discovered the power of my soul, I began to hear within me the wisdom that is as old as creation. I came to realise that I had been unconsciously connecting to my inner self, my soul, for most of my life, but what I had thought of as day dreaming had in truth been an inner prompting, it was not until I felt the need to write down my ‘thoughts’ that I opened the door to conscious awareness of my inner wisdom.

I was both amazed and enthralled by the words that were given through me, I knew it was not just ‘my mind’ as the words were profound, gentle, loving, inspiring and I felt so light, joyful. I felt I wanted to share them with all who wanted to read them.

Many beautiful readings have been given through me, words of love, guiding thoughts that have been of immense benefit to both myself and countless others. My desire to share them with others brought into being this site that you may have opportunity to experience them for yourself, if you desire to.

The readings are through me not from me, they are a tool to guide our journey, to aid our exploration of our magnificence, they do not, will not, tell you do this, be this, for free will is our birth right, freedom to choose for self is the right of all.

There purpose is to remove doubt and fear for so many of us believe we are separate to and from our Creator, they bring awareness of self worth and knowledge that we have the power to reopen the channel of awareness that is within all.

They are as sign posts to aid direction and understanding, for you to ponder, to accept if they sit comfortably with your way turn from if they do not.

If you read them several times you will perceive their deeper wisdom, with familiarity you will cease to hear with your mind and perceive with your soul.

We create our own reality, all experience is opportunity to recreate our self as we will it. You have the right of free will to choose for you.

No one holds the key to another’s way, all know within that which is, their way. All will hear their soul’s voice. It may be through something read, heard, witnessed and your soul will jump with joy, you will know an excitement within that is beyond description for you will have found your purpose for being.

All will know the beauty of remembering who they truly are, of the One, from the One, in truth, the One. Trust that you will know your self as this. If it should be through the wisdom I have brought forth I will rejoice.

With each physical life path we wear many changing titles but through all our spiritual essence remains constant, hence the identifying term with which our soul is able to know it self.

While within the physical body we have opportunity to create again, to re-create our self. We choose our gender, skin colour, and the circumstances that will provide the experiences we choose to know.

We are both teacher and studentl, awakening the wisdom within through our experiences with another. We are not learning but remembering, recalling to our conscious awareness all that we are.

Through words such as these we are able to empower our self to be all that we are, truly magnificent beings, created of and through love.

You are welcome to copy any that you desire, pass them on to family or friends. They are not my words and so I ask that you honour them, as they are, that they be heard, read, as given through me.

Pamela Frances.